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We Don't Lay Down On The Job

Licensed to tow in 48 states

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For over 30 years, Happy Hooker Towing and Transportation has been serving the citizens and streets of Wichita, KS and the surrounding area.

Located on South Broadway, Happy Hooker can be seen all over in our standard red rollbacks. When you see one know that the driver is licensed, trained, safe and courteous. Trust that customer service is of the highest importance and all of our staff and drivers are drug and alcohol free.


We Don't Lay Down On The Job!


We've said it for years and we stand by it still today. In addition to retaining a quality team of drivers, dispatchers and customer service representatives; we also hold our work standards to the highest degree. We know anyone can tow your vehicle, but it takes a professional to move your possessions safely, damage free and build a customer for life. Every job we take is the most important of the day.


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